Korjuu is a peer-to-peer market platform under development, aiming to minimize overproduction and wastage of agricultural products and services, such as food, and to make efficient use of resources. Contact us about the release date.


Korjuu-platform unifies all modern-age progressively thinking farmers, consumers, companies, and logistic operators, by simplifying supply chain processes and creating more transparency for the benefit of responsible consumers and producers. The main actors are incentivized to behave for the good of the ecosystem through our technological stack, including blockchain-based (decentralized p2p-database) solutions, allowing for more democratic governance principles to take hold. We are releasing further details of the platform in the coming months.


You may join our pilot-stage production process. We are participating in "Urban Food" -project, sponsored by Uudenmaanliitto, with the most urgent goal of taking care of industrial food oversupply in a sustainable way; after all, as much as half of all food produced is currently thrashed, left to rot, or feeded to livestock (Philip Lymbery: Farmageddon, 2018).

Public beta version release date is yet unset, but we expect it to take place in spring 2019. Stay tuned for more information by visiting this page again or e-mail us. You may also find Korjuu at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Note: We are now accepting smart money (~100K EUR) from angel investors and early-stage minded venture capitalists. We expect to be profitable in 2019.